The WaldorfSV website is a redesign of an already existing page. That means, that all the content is still the same but the design changed – starting with the color scheme. The WaldorfSV is a group of seven Waldorf-students from Germany who got elected in a board to represent the German Waldorf students. They are also organizing a conference twice a year for four days.
The website is a platform to announce the upcoming events, to keep students updated with their work and to introduce themselves. It is also a platform for student councils from the different states of Germany (LSV) to announce their events. With the redesign, it got one more feature which is an archive of the past conferences (starting in 2002). For me, as a former board member, it was a great honor to design and build the new website of the WaldorfSV.
Since the design of this website contains a lot of pictures (especially in the archive) the color scheme was planned to be as simple as possible. So we decided to take only one more color (green) next to the white of the background and the black of the text.