KRAM started from scratch, building up an art online shop and a brand identity together with my friend Sarah.

Included: online shop, payment integrations, client login, logistics & stock management

After my time in school I did a lot of artsy stuff with Sarah and we then came to the idea to build an online shop to the things we sell. We called it KRAM (German for “stuff”) since we couldn’t really specify what we’re really selling.

The style is super simple. We just use one color, red, besides the white and grey.

The shop includes three collections: the one for Sarah (“”), my own (“”), and the one we have together (“”). Which is for all a pun with our names.
The website also comes along with producing advertisements (both posts and videos). Especially the videos tend to be ironic.

Additional to the mainpage, there is a second one which is used as a linktree for social media profiles (