For the time span from 2019 to 2022, I created a photo book of the analogue photos I shot with my Minolta X-700. It contains 26 pictures on 28 pages. I focused on giving the pictures a lot of space to breathe on the pages and only provided minimal information to each picture (year shot + location).

For printing, I tested the Professional Line by Saal Digital. The outcome and print quality are brilliant, the outcome of the colors is perfect. For the cover, they put an acrylic glass over the design which I was a little sceptical about while designing the book but then surprised by how well it fits the overall experience.
The only disadvantages are the file upload since it needs to be page spreads as JPGs. While uploading I wasn’t sure (and worried) if the written text comes out sharp (turns out it did). Also for me, the finish of the spine and back of the book in black-ish leatherette looks a bit cheap.

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